This course qualifies for 7 credits

Quilt As You Go is the ultimate beginner course for any quilter looking to develop their skills and explore the world of quilting with Westalee Design templates.

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You will learn a number of different ways to use each template - using a template to create feature quilting, quilting sashing and borders. At the end of the class a 60" x 60" Quilt will be completed. You will also learn from Leonie her technique for piecing a Quilt As You Go project.

Class Supply List (*Required):

* Ruler Foot and Westalee Design® 12" Arc Template (WF-W)

* Westalee Design® Sampler Template Set 1 (WT-WQTSS6)

* Westalee Design® Crosshair Ruler (WA-CHS)

Westalee Design® Stable Tape (WA-ST)

Westalee Design® Spacing Gauge (WA-SPG)

Sew Steady® Extension Table

Sew Steady® Free Motion Glider

Note all class supplies sold separately.

Fabric Requirements:

Approx 6 yards (5-1/2 mts) Top Fabric

Approx 6 yards (5-1/2 mts) Backing

Approx 3 yards (2-3/4 mts) Batting

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