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Created By Ann Moore

Do you have lots of fabric pieces in your stash? You will love this NEW Quilt Series by Ann Moore.

Start off Block 1 for FREE as you see how to create a fun, funky and fanciful lap size quilt using the Quilt As You Go method.

Additional Blocks & Classes will be released at future times.

Stay Tuned to see how you can end with a colorful and stunning 42" x 54" Quilt. Great creative and bright with your fabric choices and learn how to use various Westalee Design Templates.

"I have always loved quilting. I discovered that the possibilities are endless when you combine the perfection of Ruler work with your free motion quilting." ~ Ann


Westalee Design Templates Used:

Hi, I’m Ann Moore, Sew Steady Promoted Instructor, Quilter and Industry Partner.

I am a free motion quilting instructor who started free motion quilting a few years ago after I sent 2 quilts out to a long arm quilter. The long arm quilter did a beautiful job with a pantograph but I felt that I could not say I made this quilt myself, that a part of that quilt belonged to someone else. My mom says my first sentence was “I do it myself.” And that holds true today. I tell people that I piece quilts so I will have something to quilt. I was blessed to attend classes with an international instructor and before I knew it I was asked to teach free motion quilting. I started using rulers in my quilting a few years ago and learned about Westalee rulers at Houston Quilt Market in 2016 and was hooked. Teaching quilting with rulers was a natural progression and many students have even indicated that they find ruler work easier and certainly more fun.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Westalee Rulers gives me precision and perfection in my quilting. It also pairs beautifully with free motion quilting.”. - Ann

Click Here to learn more and see some of Ann's work.

Pattern and Video Tutorial

Instructional Video and Pattern. *Template Products Not Included.