This course qualifies for 5 credits

Created By Leonie West

Our Mystery Sampler Quilt was designed as a quilt to show accurate piecing techniques. We will show you how piece 113 different blocks!

Follow along with us to the very end as you learn methods to finish with a quilt that will keep all of the beautiful points that you have achieved through-out this course.

Stay Tuned for Instructional Videos which will be added each week.

Get Started with our 3-Piece Westalee Design Adjustable Locking Ruler Starter Set and get this ENTIRE Class Series for FREE!

In addition to the above rulers, we will be using a variety of Westalee Design Patchwork Tools through-out this class series, like the Westalee Design Hoshi Stash Buster Set, or the Pinwheel Block Set to Elevate your Patchwork Skills.

We will also show optional block images with various Westalee Design Templates that you can use to create beautiful shapes on each block and Quilt As You Go!

Instructional Videos and Pattern. *Template Products Not Included.