Starry Night Quilt was designed by Leonie West.

"I live in a beautiful part of the world, where tall trees reach for the sky and on clear nights the stars and the moon shine bright. A way from the city lights the stars shine brighter. 

Starry Night is a series of 12 Template Designs, 7 Stars, 3 Moons and 2 Star Tails. The sets include 3, 4 or 5 Sizes. 

I have used a number of different Stars Styles, Moons and Star Tails in different sizes in the Starry Night Quilt. I also used the Circles on Quilts Templates (Star Connector Template can also be used). 

Simple Basic Instructions for the Starry Night Templates are included with each Set. 

The Designs are easy to follow and after you have stitched a few, you will find the patterns easy to follow. To get you started I have also given you a Guide to working the designs. 

Play with the Stars, Moons and Star Tails to create your own designs. 

All Blocks in this book are a finished 15 x 15" square. 

Blocks are cut at 18" x 18" and then quilted. Once quilted the blocks are then cut to 15½" X 15½". 

The blocks are then Sashed together using my SashLeeQuilt technique. 

A ½" or 1" sashing can be used, the choice is yours. 

Explore and enjoy my Starry Night Template Series.  Play with the designs and create your own. " ~ Leonie

Instructional Videos and Pattern *Template Products Not Included

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