This course qualifies for 1 credit

Created By Sharon Wyatt

Westalee Design Ruler Tote

This is a compact Tote to encompass your Westalee Ruler Collection. Even if you only require a storage solution for your initial Sampler set. This tote can be adapted and added to as your collection grows.

The cardboard or Corflute in this Tote and the inserts is required to protect and add stability for your templates and crosshair rulers. The pockets that the cardboard or Corflute pieces reside in are perfect for the addition of the range of Crosshair rulers that are available. - Sharon

Westalee Design Templates and Rulers that you can use to create this project:

Hi, I’m Sharon Wyatt, Westalee Design Accredited Teacher, and Owner of The Sewing Class.

My sewing and textile journey began as a 12-year-old and first year high school student. Since beginning patchwork and quilting, I have tried various techniques, though have always wanted to complete the whole process from start to finish. Having come across the Westalee quilting rulers, I began to see how I could achieve the final major part of quilting myself. I took a couple of classes and was hooked. It has now become something that I am passionate about and inspired to share with others.

Quilting is something I fell into and have loved it and loved sharing what I have learnt. I get a lot of satisfaction from enabling others to create. Teaching I also fell into through a friends business “The Quilt Fairy” who required someone (me) to help her with teaching. I took an online course “cert4 in Training and Assessment”, (for another reason) and found that it applied to the teaching I was doing within my hobby. After which I discovered the Westalee Quilting Rulers when they were released and have been using ever since their release. From there I decided to make it a small business, which is where I am today.

Pattern(s) Only. *Template Products Not Included.