Template Tasting - Summertime Inspired Table Topper
By Kathy Clawson

This course qualifies for 1 credit

Join Kathy as she creates a Table Topper of the Month highlighting Westalee Design Templates.

For August, Kathy showcases some Westalee Design Spin-e-Fex Templates that lend to a beautiful summer themed project with the shape of flowers. We utilize TempLee Quilt Technique, colored pencil painting, and finish it off with the Sew Steady Circles and Straights Tool. Make this project your own with colors of your choice. This is just a fun project.

Each Table Topper will showcase a different template so you can get a "taste" of the various designs one template or ruler can make. Get the most out of your templates and see how versatile they can be for borders, fills, edge to edge quilting, focal designs and more!

~ Enjoy

Tools Used:

Instructional Videos & Pattern *Template Products Not Include

Kathy Clawson, Sew Steady Promoted Instructor, Master Quilter

Kathy was raised by a mother who was passionate about sewing and instilled this love into her at a young age. While growing up Kathy sewed most of her own clothes and designed wallets, purses, and other bags. Then she found quilting and fell in love with the process and working with color and design. Free motion quilting became Kathy’s passion until she discovered Westalee Rulers and Templates. Utilizing her many years of free motion quilting set Kathy up for success with rulers and templates and a love of incorporating them together for a unique look.

Kathy owns her own quilt shop, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where education is the main focus. Her philosophy is to accomplish three things with her students. First, have fun. Second is to learn something with each class, and third is to leave with more confidence. Her teaching style is laid back and inclusive believing that not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same manner. Kathy incorporates written instruction, demonstration, and hands on approach to a well rounded educational experience.