This course qualifies for 1 credit

By Donna McCauley

Coral Fern Table or Bed Runner

Introducing the Westalee Design Coral Fern Template!

Follow along with Donna as you create your own unique Table or Bed Runner with this outstanding Template. The Coral Fern is a beautiful circular shape of a wavy spine and leaves for quilting blocks and borders. With one Template you can fabricate many different looks.
Take a step further and add the TempLee Quilt technique and your projects will be stunning works of art!


Table or Bed Runner, 16” x 48” approx.

Tools Used:

Hi, I’m Donna McCauley, a Westalee Design Accredited Teacher and Brand Ambassador, owner and operator of DM QUILTING.

With an extensive background in all types of sewing techniques, Donna got her taste for creating and designing early on in the garment industry where she created custom clothing for a number of years. From there, it was a natural progression from pattern designs, into designing templates.  “The ability to design the images she wanted to quilt” was Donna’s vision.

Today, with her own collection of templates, Donna can share her passion of designing and quilting using templates that are simple, uncomplicated and easy to use.

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Instructional Video and Pattern *Template Products Not Included.