This course qualifies for 6 credits

By Ann Moore

Flower Power Class Series by Ann Moore 

This 6 part class series will dive into the

Westalee Design Flower Power Template Set

Do you love looking at the night sky?

Galaxies are vast cosmic islands of stars, gas, dust, and dark matter held together by gravity. Hubble’s keen eye has revealed intricate details of the shapes, and structures so we can marvel at the beautiful colors and contours created.

Now you can create your own galaxy inspired quilt by following along with Ann as she walks you through step by step transforming your quilt with these 12 sophisticated and stylish blocks.

Videos taken from Flower Power Live Virtual Event Series Feb - July 2021

Block Names:

Mandala Eclipse, Orbit, Starry Nights, Flowers In Orbit, Blast Off, Galaxy, Butterfly Moon, Super Nova, Neptune Nights, Space Station, Milky Way and Spin Out

Westalee Design & Sew Steady Tools Used:

Hi, I’m Ann Moore, Sew Steady Promoted Instructor, Quilter and Industry Partner.

I am a free motion quilting instructor who started free motion quilting a few years ago after I sent 2 quilts out to a long arm quilter. The long arm quilter did a beautiful job with a pantograph but I felt that I could not say I made this quilt myself, that a part of that quilt belonged to someone else. My mom says my first sentence was “I do it myself.” And that holds true today. I tell people that I piece quilts so I will have something to quilt. I was blessed to attend classes with an international instructor and before I knew it I was asked to teach free motion quilting. I started using rulers in my quilting a few years ago and learned about Westalee rulers at Houston Quilt Market in 2016 and was hooked. Teaching quilting with rulers was a natural progression and many students have even indicated that they find ruler work easier and certainly more fun.

Why Westalee Design Templates: Westalee Rulers gives me precision and perfection in my quilting. It also pairs beautifully with free motion quilting.”. - Ann

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