This course qualifies for 2 credits

Love & Spring Bed Runner

Created By Lorena Corzatt

Highlighting the Sew Steady Suspension System

Join Lorena as she demonstrates how the New Sew Steady Suspension System will increase the ease of quilting on a full size bed runner.

Do you have a beautiful bed runner quilt, or table runner that you would love to do ruler work quilting on.

Lorena will be showing her reversible bed runner which will show one season on one side (Spring) and another on the reverse (Valentines). Lorena will also be diving into the TempLee Quilt Technique.

Tools Used:

Lorena Corzatt

Sew Steady Promoted Instructor

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 12 and stayed with her for the summer. I sewed almost all of my own clothes in junior high and high school. Then of course, as life got busier, I sewed less but in the early 2000s I purchased a BERNINA sewing machine. I discovered quilting though one of the Quilt in a Day books. I started in late November and finished two double bed quilts for Christmas. They certainly weren’t perfect but I am proud to say they are still in service!

Since then, I have worked in a quilt store sewing many store samples and teaching quilting classes as well as working for our BERNINA dealer. Working for The Sewing Works has led me into teaching our new owner classes and Westalee Ruler work. I have taught the Quilt As You Go class several times and love the “Aha!” moment when quilters realize they can quilt their own tops and not have to hand it off to someone else to get great results.

Instructional Video and Pattern. *Template Products Not Included