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By Ann Moore

Artisan Garden - Artisan Curve Iris Block

Join Ann as she kicks off her first block of her Artisan Garden Quilt.

The Westalee Design Artisan Curve Iris Template is part of the Westalee Design Artisan Curve Collection.

At present there are 10 different Artisan Designs and approximately 64 sizes. Each template has a minimum of 4 sizes and as many as 10 sizes. The biggest appeal of the Artisan Curves to me was the size variation of the finished design, I could have a design as small as 7 inches or as large as 18 inches.
All of the designs are intended to work in a circle. You can make the design as intricate or as sparse as you choose. I used as few as 4 revolutions with a template to as many as 32 revolutions.

This template shines the most with the TempLee Quilt method so be bold and creative with your top fabric choices and reveal fabric! Most importantly, have fun!

Class includes (1) Block Design

~ Enjoy

Hi, I’m Ann Moore, Westalee Design Accredited Teacher, Quilter and Industry Partner

I am a free motion quilting instructor who started free motion quilting a few years ago after I sent 2 quilts out to a long arm quilter. The long arm quilter did a beautiful job with a pantograph but I felt that I could not say I made this quilt myself, that a part of that quilt belonged to someone else. My mom says my first sentence was “I do it myself.” And that holds true today. I tell people that I piece quilts so I will have something to quilt. I was blessed to attend classes with an international instructor and before I knew it I was asked to teach free motion quilting. I started using rulers in my quilting a few years ago and learned about Westalee rulers at Houston Quilt Market in 2016 and was hooked. Teaching quilting with rulers was a natural progression and many students have even indicated that they find ruler work easier and certainly more fun.

Why Westalee Design Templates: Westalee Rulers gives me precision and perfection in my quilting. It also pairs beautifully with free motion quilting.”. - Ann

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