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Created By Julie Pace


4 - 8" Starry Nights Designs

4 - 8" Starry Nights Designs with Crosshatching

3 - 4" Starry Nights Shapes (Star, Moon and Eclipse)

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Hi I'm Julie Pace

Certified Digitizer and Embroiderer, Sew Steady Promoted Instructor

Julie grew up in Evansville Indiana, a city that is often referred to as the “Crescent Valley” or “River City”. Early French explorers named it La Belle Rivière (“The Beautiful River”). Julie was a rising star as a professional Ball Room Dancer when the unthinkable happened. A horrific car accident had disabled Julie to a point where she could no longer dance.  Her determination did not allow her to give up! Julie used her creative, artistic and imaginative personality to what she could with her hands.

Starting with small crafts Julie did whatever she could to keep busy. From Stained Glass projects, Designing and making Jewelry even being a math Tudor, then Julie slowly started doing alternations from friends. At one point she was asked to make a wedding dress and even small wedding gifts. This grew to Julie doing more sewing, cross stitching, making gifts and bags and even starting a partnership with a private Parisian Boutique who fell in love with Julie’s Purses and Tote’s.

Julie took to Quilting and Sewing “like a duck to water” and naturally transitioned into Embroidery. Julie became a Certified Digitizer in 2006 and has become a highly regarded Embroidery Creative Designer. Julie has a natural ability to make beautiful, intricate designs that will take your breath away.

Julie joined the Sew Steady Team in 2022 as one of our first Embroidery Promoted Instructor and Certified Digitizer. Julie has been a huge supporter of Sew Steady and Westalee Design and jumped right into our Westalee Design Home Quilters Certification. Julie quickly achieved her 30 credits through our courses on Sew Steady University. We are excited to have Julie and her Embroidery expertise Elevate Our Creativity!